About Us

Hi I’m Penny.
I am the cook and photographer of Penny’s Menu. 
I aim to inspire you with my step by step recipes from basic meals to something a little different. 
My recipes  are designed for you to make a quality dish from scratch perfectly the first time. Wherever possible, I have opted for fresh ingredients  in an attempt to limit processed food and dodgy  products that practically glow in the dark ,
 And in the vain of “a picture is worth a thousand words”, be confident that my photos are exactly as the dish appears. I have used no tricks or food styling.  My expertise in photography extends to putting on my glasses, clicking away and hoping for the best. So, if they make you feel hungry, give them a try.
I want to stress that absolutely no cooking experience is required for you to successfully make my recipes, but should you need any help at all just click contact us and shoot me an email. I hope that you will be inspired to try my recipesfavicon-2

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